Let’s go on an adventure...
Let’s go on an adventure...
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Backpacking For A 2-Day Traveling (Weekend Holiday)

This Is All You Need To Pack For A 2-Day / Weekend Holiday!

1. Clothes

You’re away for 2 days – chances are that you can wear the same pair of jeans for more than one day. And you’re probably gonna be wearing said jeans on your way out so you can skip packing jeans. (In summer, swap jeans for short – same principle still applies. Pack a top for each day and then one extra one – just in case. Same goes for socks and underwear. Don’t forget pajamas… and swimwear, if appropriate. (Those are the ones that are easiest to forget).

Extra Tip: One tip (especially if you’ve inexplicably decided to spend the day rolling around with the pigs in mud), is to pop your jeans in the freezer. This gets rid of most of the bacteria and any odour from rolling in aforementioned mud. 

2. Toiletries

The bare essentials are – skincare (all I take is moisturiser because un-moisturised black skin just goes ashy – ladies and some gents even might wanna take travel make up as well), toothbrush & toothpaste and deodorant. Anything else (except prescription medication and contact lenses) are just extra and you know it.

3. Camera and Electronics

One camera is all you need (my DSLR does videos and photos so I just take that one), chargers, travel adapter and back up battery packs.

Side note: You can also take your iPad/laptop – which feels essential for a blogger but in truth, you can totally skip this one.

Those three things above are all the items you need to travel with. Anything else is absolutely unnecessary and can be skipped.

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